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Idaho Indoor Air - Duct Cleaning Service

Want to breathe safe, clean air in your home rather than breathing air that circulates through dust and debris in your air vents?
Idaho Indoor Air will provide you the services you need at an honest, affordable price.

Welcome to Idaho Indoor Air. Treasure Valley, Idaho's number one option for getting clean, healthy air in your home. Idaho Indoor Air is a locally owned, top-rated air duct, dryer vent and furnace cleaning company located in Nampa, Idaho and serving the Treasure Valley. We specialize in professional, entire home air vent, dryer vent and furnace cleaning. Our main goal is to ensure you have home air that is clean and efficient for your best safety and health. We are committed to your satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Give us a call today. Our goal is to provide you and your family with clean, healthy air and to exceed your expectations. Beware of middleman mark-ups. Idaho Indoor Air will give you fair, transparent, trustworthy pricing. Call us today.
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Honest, Fair, Transparent Pricing on All Services
Locally-Owned Company
Beware of Large Business, Middle-Man Scams
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No mileage charge within the Treasure Valley. No matter where you live in the Treasure Valley,
your safety and home air quality is important to us.





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Why should you choose Idaho Indoor Air for your home air cleaning?

  • 17 Year's Experience with Excellent Reviews 
    Idaho Indoor Air has been in the business of providing families with clean indoor air to breathe for over 10 years. Owner, Dan worked for another business in the field for 7 years before that. We will make sure your home has clean air for your family. We will also educate you on things you can do yourself to help keep your home's air clean and safe for your family to breathe.
  • Integrity
    Integrity is at the heart of Idaho Indoor Air's business. We will not sell you products or services you don't need. We provide you with clean air in your home at a price you can afford.
  • Affordability
    Idaho Indoor Air provides the most comprehensive indoor air cleaning for the best price. Search and compare. We are confident you will find Idaho Indoor Air #1 for affordability and services provided. However, we don't do a "cheap" job. We care about our customers. We do a thorough job at an affordable price. Our goal is helping Treasure Valley families breathe cleaner air.
  • A+ Rated Better Business Bureau Registered Business
    Idaho Indoor Air is a registered business with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, many excellent customer reviews and no customer complaints.
  • Locally-Owned Small Business
    Idaho Indoor Air is a locally, family-owned business that has been in business in the Treasure Valley for over 10 years. We care about our friends and neighbors in the Treasure Valley whether you have been here for many years or just arrived. We believe in supporting our locally-owned small businesses when possible rather than going to big businesses whose main goal is profit above customer service.

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Why Should You Clean Your Dryer Vents?

Over the course of time, lint builds up within your dryer and dryer vents, creating blockages and potential fire hazards. In fact, according to the US Fire Administration, dryer fires are the leading cause of house fires in the United States. Obstructed air flow from dirty vents is also the top cause of mechanical problems with dryers. Professional vent cleaning helps restore maximum dryer efficiency, lowers machine energy consumption, and prolongs the lifespan of your dryer. If you are in or near Nampa, you can trust Idaho Indoor Air to professionally clean your dryer vents.
Prevent Fires & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Blocked dryer vents can cause your system to overheat which can then create a spark and cause a fire. They can also prevent toxic fumes from properly exiting the vent’s line.

Reduce Energy Costs
Blocked dryer vents can cause your clothes to take longer to dry. All those extra drying cycles can increase your energy bill.

Extend Dryer Life
If you have obstructed dryer vents, they can block airflow, which can then put additional stress on your dryer. They can also cause certain dryer components to wear out faster.

Protect Your Clothes
If clothes take longer than usual to dry, then this longer time in the dryer can increase the wear and tear on your clothes. This is why we recommend that you refrain from using your dryer until your vents have been properly cleaned.

Did You Know? Each Year...

Idaho Indoor Air - Family Safety

Keep Your Home and Family Safe with Regular Cleanings

It's recommended that you clean your dryer vents at least once every 12 months to remove lint and debris and prevent clogs! Look for common warning signs to determine if you need to schedule service.
Common Warning Signs
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Don't Wait!

Keep your family healthy and safe.
Contact us today to schedule your full home vent cleaning,
dryer vent cleaning, furnace cleaning or our other healthy, clean air services.
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Idaho Indoor Air exceeded our expectations. We bought a fixer-upper and have been doing renovations for months. I don't think the air vents have ever been cleaned since the home was built over 20 years ago. The dust in the home is apparent especially outside the air vents. We have been trying to find somebody to clean them for months, but have to leave messages and don't receive calls back. Dan from Idaho Indoor Air got right back to me. When he arrived at the house, he told me our return vents did not need cleaning as he thought they did from our phone call. I really appreciate that honesty. He cleaned our air vents, furnace, dryer vent, and sanitized our air vents. Our home smells so clear and fresh after. There is a noticeable difference. He showed us what he got out of the vents. It was shocking...dust, garbage, etc. The bag was filled. It made me so happy. I feel like we will be breathing better and healthier from now on. Highly recommend! Discovered an issue with our furnace and called the heating company to come take care of it with no extra charge. We are extremely amazed and thankful. Not many businesses operate like this. You can trust Idaho Indoor Air to be honest and thorough, a rarity these days.

~Terri M - BBB - April 2024

Idaho Indoor Air LLC service was highly professional, competent and caring. The agent went beyond the terms of agreement and cleaned every air duct we had - including our laundry and gas fireplace. He also treated our air ducts with the same chemicals they use in hospitals and healthcare facilities to minimize accumulation of pollutant particles. And all for the lowest price I could find amongst their competitors. He was also quite personable and funny, easy to talk to, and willing to educate and share what he knows with the customer openly! A true joy to work with. Thank you for an outstanding service and experience.

~Siroos S - BBB - March 2024
Idaho Indoor Air did an amazing job! Very helpful and informative. Will be using this company again!

~Mikayla - BBB - May 2023
We had a wonderful experience with Idaho Indoor Air. He was very professional and did not try to sell us everything under the sun. He was very Honest and I really appreciated that. He was quick and efficient at his job. Reading some of the reviews before I bought I just want to pop on here and say to the buyers read the fine print you are getting a lot for what you are buying here on however this guy runs a business and needs to make a living too so remember that most houses have more then one return line and if it needs cleaning he will let you know. Expect to spend a more than the 99 dollars and help support this small honest small business. Thank you for your service we will totally be using you again!

~Jacque - BBB - April 2023